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FastCode 2018 - ES6 Series

This is an ES6 (aka ES2015) series in Arabic, I've created in Ramdan2018 on YouTube for Free. It helps you to learn or revise on the whole new ES6 concepts. what's new and what is the difference between this version of JavaScript and the previous ones.

JavaScript source: unsplash

Here is a list of 14 Episodes, each episode has slides and explaination part and the second part is coding and comparison with very simple examples:

1. Intro to the history of JavaScript

2. Var, let, and const

3. Arrow functions

4. Classes and ESModules

5. Spread operator, default parameters

6. Promises

7. Maps and Sets

8. Iterator protocol, and For-in / For-of

9. Generators

10. Template literals and Strings in ES6

11. Numbers and Math enhancements

12. Arrays and distructing

13. Object literals

14. What's next?

For the sake of preparing for an interview soon, I highly recommend watching this episode which is 2 hours collecting all episodes only the technical part without the slides or any explainations, only coding part.

▶️ ES6 all features in less than 2 hours (Summary Episode)

Enjoy watching this series and share it with others.

Tot ziens 👋

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