Hi! I'm Medhat 👋

I'm a JavaScript Engineer from Egypt 🇪🇬 living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam 🇳🇱 with my lovely wife and my 2 little kids (👧👦).

I enjoy teaching web development to people maybe before 2010 AFAIR, Then in 2017 I started to make free technical videos on YouTube on my channel (also on my Semicolon Academy a bit later in 2020 ), writing technical blog posts here from time to time, also blogging about anything I'm interested in.

I've published early in 2019 my first publication ever which was a video course with Packt publishing titled Redux Recipes That take you from ground to top in Redux 🚀.

Good to know about me is that I love photography/videography 📸, reading 📚, baking 🍰, running 🏃‍♂️, and I'm a competitive ping pong player 🏓 (you have been warned 😈)

Find me online: